Instruction of downloading & saving available registrations  External multipads or external styles can be used in the registrations. The location of these multipads and styles are saved in the registration by the Tyros. Please save all the files from these website into a folder called “Robbiedoes” on the root of the USB stick. When you do not follow up this advise or when you copy the files to the harddisk of the Tyros, the registrations will not work properly because they cannot find and load the external multipad or style then.  So summarized follow this installation instruction: •	Create a folder called “Robbiedoes” in the root of the USB stick •	Click on the button “Download” to download the registration •	Save the file into the folder “Robbiedoes” on the USB stick  When a registration contains an external multipad and/or style, the registration will be placed in the well-know .ZIP format. Follow up the next instructions to unzip the registration:  •	Extract the .ZIP file (by double clicking the file or by clicking with the right mouse button on the file and choosing for extract) •	Cut and paste the extracted files into the folder “Robbiedoes” on the USB stick  The content of the USB stick should be something like this: Klik hier voor NL versie Voices Registrations YouTube Back
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