Who is Robbiedoes? Back Klik hier voor NL versie Musician and computerspecialist  Short info:  Name		: Robert Age 			: 39 City 			: Heemskerk (The Netherlands) Profession	: Systems Engineer (IT/ICT) (computer specialist/system administrator) Hobbies		: Music/keyboard/singing, photography, video-editing, computers Relationship	: Yes  And further on...  At the age of 7 I started with private organlessons for about 6 years. Afterwards I continued developing myself on my own. Because I hate reading sheet music, I play everything by ear. Thatís one of the reasons that I mostly play in easy keys (ex. C, F or G). This makes it also easy for others to play my YouTube songs. Iíve done performances in the past (party, weddings, etc.), but nowadays I just like making music at home.  My profession and hobby is a great combination. This gives me the capability to share my musical talent and (technical) Tyros knowledge in the way I do this on YouTube and this website. Editing of video, audio or MIDI is absolutely no problem for me.  Multitrack recording and mastering of the tracks is something I realize by my own intuition. Iíve never had singing lessons, so I just try to make the best of the singing parts.
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